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To become the most trusted Saudi Arabian marketing and business development firm for Defense and Security products, services, and systems.

Mission Statement

Seek out and identify customer needs within the Government of Saudi Arabia’s Defense and Security Ministries and Agencies, and then locate the best product or service to meet that need. When the right customer requirements matches the right product or service, Maidan brings them together to determine the ideal working arrangement to benefit all parties.


“Integrity in everything we do” is the core guiding principle that pervades Maidan. This principle has been followed by the founder of Maidan since the beginning of his career and is followed within Maidan by consistency of actions, values, methods, expectations, and outcomes. Without Integrity, trust is not possible.


Client Market Intelligence: Maintain the best and most current knowledge of Programs and Plans from within the Defense and Security Sector of Saudi Arabia Product/Service Provider Intelligence: Constantly update knowledge of the best in-class Defense and Security products/services from around the world Business Support: Provide world-class business support services designed to allow products/service providers to focus on their core business to maximize value to the client.

Business Environment

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and especially the Defense and Security sector has all the same complexities of any Governmental organization of similar size and scope in other countries. In addition to that the traditional culture of the country is never separated or lost from actions or decisions. These two factors create substantial challenges for companies seeking to do business in this business sector. Many companies have been unsuccessful doing business in the Kingdom because they did not acknowledge and adjust to these realities.

Additionally, there are many administrative and commercial matters that must be addressed which add another layer of complexity. Finally, there is time and distance from this part of the world that challenges efficiency in developing business.

Maidan excels in assisting the right companies in terms of access and guidance through this complex business environment. Patience is a virtue as business relationships take time to develop in a positive way.

About us

Maidan Systems is a Saudi Arabian business development consulting, marketer, and services company, established in 200_. We work closely with end users in the government Ministry of Defense, Ministry of the National Guard, Ministry of the Interior and the Saudi Royal Guards. The relationships developed by Maidan Systems in these Ministries give us an excellent perspective on their future needs in terms of both products and services. Maidan System also works with international clients who offer world class products and services to these Ministries.

Maidan Systems excels in identifying the perfect match between customers and clients and then bringing them together We match the right Customer to the best product/service to meet their needs! in the best environment to allow business arrangements to be created. The necessary skills, expertise, relationships, opportunities, vision, and business ethics necessary to be consistently successful are at the core of Maidan System.

Identifying and gaining access to senior decision makers is always a challenge but our team does this successfully and routinely because we are very careful and selective about whom we contact and timing. This approach has resulted in more and better access than other consultants since these decisions makers know that Maidan Systems does not waste their valuable time. Our proven success arranging these critical meetings at the correct time in the business cycle is one of the most important benefits of working with Maidan Systems.

The business development phase of any project is critical as expectations and assumptions are created and relationships started. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has a unique business environment and it is critical for any company doing business here to understand the processes, protocols, and customs. Maidan Systems provides the necessary analysis, advice, and guidance to prevent early errors and omissions that can become obstacles as ideas become real projects moving forward.

We will also provide recommendations regarding business strategies to insure that products and services of our clients are presented in the best possible light to potential customers.

The decision making and contracting processes in any Government agency are complex and Saudi Arabia is no exception to that rule. The team at Maidan Systems team has expertise in Saudi Arabian, International, and FMS contracting which is a substantial asset to both the end user and clients as they address more technical aspects of business arrangements and allow the business arrangements develop regardless of the agreement methods.

Maidan Systems is also in the business of providing the support services and to clients that allow them to operate efficiently in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and concentrate on their core business. These critical services have a direct impact on our Clients ability to perform at the highest levels. Logistical and Life support services for teams of technical experts is substantial, complex and time consuming so it is best left to business support professionals.

Finally, and most importantly, Maidan Systems Integrity in everything we do. puts integrity above all. This is the core guiding principle our founder has followed his entire business career and Maidan Systems naturally embraces it. Without integrity we would not be able to hold the trust of most senior members of the Ministries with which we work. That same level of trust must exist with any client we serve. We work very hard to earn and maintain that trust.