Business Support Services.


Personnel Services

Maidan Systems offers services that span the entire spectrum of recruiting, staffing, deploying, and supporting International and local teams of qualified support personnel. We act as a “one stop shop” that addresses all of the Government relations issues from visa’s, work permits, driving licenses, all the way to the comprehensive Human Resources services required to support any workforce such as personnel file maintenance to payroll and everything in between. We maintain program management teams for each project ready to provide the client with services that are fully compliant with Saudi Arabian Labor Law.

Life Support Services and Logistics

Deployed teams of personnel must be housed, fed, and transported. Maidan Systems utilizes a network of personnel, service providers, and companies that support individuals or small teams and even much bigger teams that need blocks of housing/services. We are also able to support very large teams that require their own “camp” housing we can construct. Transportation needs can be provided from private cars and drivers to trucks and busses which are purchased, leased, registered, operated, and maintained. The services must not be overlooked or under resourced when planning a business venture.


Facility Maintenance & Support

Maidan Systems offers a broad range of services that will take care of all your facility management needs. These include planning, design, procurement, construction, supplies, equipment and much more. If these services are not part of your core business in your home country, it is best to keep the same business model while working in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. If our client has expertise in these areas in their home country we are pleased to assist establishing/adjusting those capabilities for successful performance here.

Travel Services

Travel into and out of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, as well as the associated hospitality services must be efficient, flexible, and highly responsive during the business development phase of a project. Once a project is up and running there are deployments, R&R’s, demobilizations, and emergency travel that require easy and ready access to travel services. Maidan Systems can provide a comprehensive Travel Services capability that includes planning, reservations, ticketing, airport transfer, terminal expediting, and in-transit tracking to insure that operations can continue smoothly.


Business Office Management and Logistic Support

Time is of the essence in high profile, national defense programs so the teams that are deployed need to be efficiently and cost effectively supported. Maidan Systems can set up and have ready business offices, warehouse, or workshops laid out, furnished, equipped, IT automated, supplied, and ready for occupancy to meet any business or operational needs.

Translation Services

We provide translation of technical materials (manuals, proposals, briefings etc.) into classical and/or colloquial Arabic. Grammatically correct translation is not good enough in the defense industry so we employ translators who are not only qualified but also familiar with the industry to insure that the full and accurate meaning is communicated in each document.